About Us

For over 25 years we have been collecting and selling mineral specimens acquiring them from all over the world. Today we have decided to give birth at a new project: the galleries of fine minerals on the web.Our samples come mainly from our direct field research. For this reason we have been specializing ourselves in  novelties, and new localities.

Other samples we offer come from old collections acquired with a long and skillfull work all around Italy and Europe. Our experience and deep knowledge ensure to ur customers and followers reliability and professionalism. We believe that each sample has its own predestinate collector: it’s just a matter of time and the two will meet.

DSCF8347In our future experience on the web, we will propose minerals of all kinds: aesthetic, systematic, rare, ancient, ….But whatever the type of the “stone” will be, the quality of the sample and the satisfaction of its future owner will be our first goal. 



DSCF3314We are based in northern Italy, with a very skillfull and extended organization that is a guarantee of precision and satisfaction for customers. We hope that you will find on our website exactly the sample you had in mind and that was missing in your collection. In The Time That awaits us on




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