Wulfenite – Iran – 370 €


PROVENANCEChah Kharboze Mine, Chah Kharboze, Anarak District, Nain County, Esfahan Province, Iran

DESCRIPTION: Red Wulfenite of Chah Kharboze mine. The color of this wulfenite is simply incredible. Its red is very intense. The crystals have very shiny faces with metallic reflections. This mine has been closed for over 30 years. The few and rare finds of recent years are the result of brave local seekers. The conditions of the mine are very dangerous. The most beautiful wulfenite is found on the old levels, the most profound of the mine. Crystals rarely exceed 2 cm, and are considered exceptional. Its red color is the most beautiful for wulfenite in the world. Much more beautiful than live, not in the picture. Gallery Level -110 mt / Origin: Local seekers / Finding: Spring 2017

Specimen size: 1.7 × 2.2 × 0.7 cm  /  Main crystal size: 0.7 cm  PRICE: 370 €    BUY       THIS MINERAL NOW